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Security testing at its best

Our vision is to help people and enterprises embrace technology whilst being fully aware of the danger that it can pose to their credibility and business

  • The odds might be against you

    The dark web might not be so dark after all. Post SilkRoad, it is now RealDeal and it will be someone else next. What it means is that if you are vulnerable, the exploits are not too far away


    Every move to modernize your organization, right from going digital to analytics and BYOD, it is imperative for you to ensure you have an efficient implementation, monitoring and control in place

  • Security is not a onetime activity

    Most breaches happen due to a lack of discipline in implementing security. With Analytics and Cloud, the security around user credentials plays a vital role. Talk to us to understand your organizations behavior pattern.



Managed Security Solutions

that is both adaptive and extensive


A responsive Security Information Management Suite

Perpetual Threat Defense

Round-the-clock threat discovery and streamlining to protect against vulnerabilities and rapidly effect resilience.


A dynamic SIEM Solution that brings you consolidated, interpretative analysis of threat information.

Perimeter Security

Enterprise security status monitoring with complete visibility of networked assets, validated against multiple standards.

24x7 Threat Protection for every security challenge

Intrusion Detection

Multi-aspect intrusion detection, automatically updated with emerging threat signatures

Ransomware Detection

Discovery and preempting of detection-evading actions triggered by malicious files, thereby thwarting invasion.

Automated Asset Discovery

Complete asset status index for coincident tracking of devices, services and network topography

Threat Analysis

Your touchstone for security posture awareness with concurrent expert advice for foreseeable risks

Advanced Persistent Threat Detection

Track down risky behavior and malicious input through analysis of the traces they leave in reconnaissance activities.

Behavioral Monitoring

Tracking perilous behavior in the devices, networks, protocols and services through packet capture analysis to study the line of events leading to a potential breach.

Keep threats locked out with highly accurate, trouble-free risk management

The industry's best monitoring tools and threat database

Extensive threat discovery labs facilitated by the industry's best tools. Keep a tab on ongoing research and insights on every threat profile you need.

Analytical expertise of certified consultants

Expert guidance, interpretation and analysis by a team of dedicated specialists certified in global standards of security posture assessment

Sustainable engagement aimed at empowering SMBs

A comprehensive solution that lets you optimize contextual risk mitigation. Everything you need, leveraged for maximum potential


Why Aleph Tav?

  • Flexible

    We have our very own infrastructure, primed and ready to run most security tests, in-house. If you don’t want your sensitive data to leave your premises, we can arrange a dedicated team to work on-site with or alongside your existing IT team.


    We cater to the needs and organizations of all types, sizes, and volumes. From a one-time Security Testing requirement for a newly developed application to an on-going Enterprise Security support for a Corporate Company, we handle them all!

  • Proficient

    Our professionals are among the best in the world. They are our driving force for the successful deliveries that we make. Given the time and resources, they can hack into any organization, ethically of course!!


    All good things come at a cost and when it comes to Security Testing, the cost is almost always extravagant. Think of us as an exception as all our services come with unbelievably light price tags, thanks to our cost efficient expert team, our partnerships with tool vendors, our operating locations and customizable delivery models.

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