24x7 Threat Protection for every security challenge

Managed Security Solutions

that is both adaptive and extensive

Intrusion Detection

Multi-aspect intrusion detection, automatically updated with emerging threat signatures.

Ransomware Detection

Discovery and preempting of evasive malicious payloads, thwarting lockout attempts.

Automated Asset Discovery

Comprehensive asset status inventory for real-time oversight of devices communications and the immediate threat landscape.

Threat Analysis

Your touchstone for security posture awareness with concurrent expert guidance for foreseeable risks.

Advanced Persistent Threat Detection

Track down risky behavior and malicious input through analysis of the traces they leave in reconnaissance activities.

Behavioral Monitoring

Be apprised of perilous behavior in devices, protocols and services. Map the line of events leading to a potential breach.

Keep threats locked out with highly accurate, trouble-free risk management

The industry's best monitoring tools and threat database

Extensive threat discovery labs facilitated by the industry's best tools. Keep a tab on ongoing research and insights on every threat profile you need.

Analytical expertise of certified consultants

Expert guidance, interpretation and analysis by a team of dedicated specialists certified in global standards of security posture assessment

Sustainable and flexible engagement models

A comprehensive solution that lets you optimize contextual risk mitigation. Everything you need, leveraged for maximum potential

Perpetual Threat Defense

A complete vigilance team at your disposal, progressively enhancing and fine-tuning your defense strategies, hunting down adversaries and thwarting intrusions. Rapidly gain on your attackers, outwitting obfuscation, fragmentation and other evasive tactics.

Get stress-free vigilance over the integrity of your system executables, configuration files and audit trails.

Perpetual Threat Defense
  • Threat Detection
  • Network Intrusion Detection
  • Host Intrusion Detection and File Integrity Monitoring
  • Threat Analysis
  • Ransomware Detection
  • Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) detection

Perimeter Security Monitoring

Active and stealth-mode appraisement of total network asset status.

-A 24x7 security event observation unit that spots and analyzes threats and malicious traffic. Always be in the know.

Scrutinize and scan your environment to dynamically capture real-time data of assets, communication and active services. Establish baselines and profile perilous behavior in advance – your best shot at defending against trail-obfuscating intruders.

Perimeter Security Monitoring
  • Automated Asset Discovery and Monitoring
  • Network Behavioral Monitoring and Netflow Analysis
  • Availability Monitoring
  • Network Packet Capture
  • Rogue Connection Monitoring

SIEM, Log Management and Event Correlation

Responsive management of Security Information and Event logs.

-Deriving insight from isolated security information with perceptive application of threat signatures and correlation logic.

Accurately map security events across firewalls and filtering systems to diagnose issues with contextual knowledge gained from our intrusion detection, netflow and asset discovery services.

SIEM, Log Management and Event Correlation
  • Log Collection and Raw Log Analysis
  • Event Management
  • Event Correlation
  • Real time Reporting and Trouble Ticketing

Incident Response & Digital Forensics

Rapid and intuitive incident triage, containment and eradication - Prepare profound vigilance, speed up response times and orchestrate your security policy.

Sometimes bad actors happen to find a way in and when that happens, the next best thing one can think of is containing the infection, minimizing damages and bouncing back as quickly as possible.

When it comes to response time, every second can aggravate a bad situation, and often, the more advanced your control systems are, the higher investigative problem management they require.

Incident Response and Digital Forensics
On-Demand Security Services

On-demand Security Services

A set of optional features you can add-on to the Managed Security Suite on a scheduled basis or on-demand. See the difference that contextual threat information can bring you in terms of data-driven compliance guidance and risk rating.

Vulnerability Management

Over time, the security posture of your systems and applications may alter owing to changes in the underlying technological framework, third-party integrations and migration across web-based services.

Engage our resources in periodic reviews of security controls and policies to help maintain resilience and validate whether mitigation techniques applied remain persistently relevant.

Vulnerability Management

Think beyond regular Vulnerability Scanning & Remediation

The host of capabilities we make available for you through the Managed Security Suite will help in identifying threats to your vulnerable assets instantly. This way, you get an assessment that is supported by real time threat information.

  • Exploitability assessments at strategic points in time to direct proactive risk remediation efforts.
  • Flexible, instant scanning and penetration testing that provides pragmatic direction for risk mitigation.
  • Foresight and guidance for progressive management of patching, updates and other threat elimination measures.
  • Preemptive Status Reports that aim to enable simplistic understanding of risk situations.

Compliance Consulting / Advisory Services

Legal frameworks mandate that organizations facilitate a safe computing environment to upkeep the privacy of restricted data.

Benefit from vulnerability-aware guidance that simplifies Risk Identification and Impact Assessment efforts in compliance management.

We assist business owners in creating and maintaining a robust culture of compliance that will give them the advantage of credibility and elevate competence.

Compliance Consulting / Advisory Services
Compliance Consulting / Advisory Services
Compliance Consulting / Advisory Services
  • Practical guidance for companies in their preparation for security compliance audits.
  • A systemic validation mechanism for regulations, legislation, ethics and corporate benchmarking.
  • Assessment of IT security processes, controls, infrastructure, design, operations and management against global standards and the organization's specific policies and procedural requirements.
  • Sustainable audit-readiness that reduces costs and complexities.

We help prepare your conformance to Global Information Security Compliance Standards like


ISO 27002